K Ring Standard:

K-RING Standards are manufactured from 1.90” S355 grade steel tube, complete with
Rosettes welded at 19” (0.5m) intervals.

LengthWeight in lbs.(kgs)
1’-7”(0.5m)6.5 (3.1)
3’-3”(1.0m)11.5 (5.2)
5’-0”(1.5m)17.0 (7.7)
6’-6”(2.0m)22.0 (10.0)
8’-3”(2.5m)26.0 (11.8)
9’-10”(3.0m)32.0 (14.5)

NOTE: The allowable leg load for the K-Ring standar d is 5000 lbs. (22.64Kn) per standar d with a
Safety factor of 4:1, pr ovided the following criteria is followed.

1.) The K-Ring system is erected and used in accor dance with OSHA Regulations or CSA 269.2
in Canada, All State and Pr ovincial regulations, Manufacturers recommendations.

2.) The inbraced vertical lenght of the standar d is 6’-6” (2.0m)