K Ring Ladders 1

K-RING Ladders are used to climb to the r equired heights. Also it can be extended

STL 3003’-0” (1.0m)17.0” (430mm)19.0 lbs (8.9kgs)
STL 5005’-0” (1.50m)17.0” (430mm)24.0 lbs (10.9kgs)
STL 6006’-0” (1.83M)17.0” (430mm)26.5 lbs (12.0kgs)
STL 11010’-0” (3.05m)17.0” (430mm)48.0 lbs (22.0kgs)

NOTE: Ladders must be attached to main scaf fold structure using ladder brackets.
Check with KHK Scaf folding Manual for loading details