As a part of our diversification plans we have started manufacturing Stainless Steel Bright bars.
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Aluminium scaffolding offer major advances and complete adaptability, high strength-to-weight ratio, all at cost effective prices.
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 In order to keep pace with continuous markets growth and to become self oriented , KHK Scaffolding & Formwork LLC has set up a new pipe manufacturing and a Galvanising Plant within the factory premises.
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Manufacturers and Distributors of system scaffolding

KHK Scaffolding & Formwork LLC is a leading manufacturer and trader of scaffolding and formwork products located in the Middle East, U.A.E. It is a part of the US$ 200 Million, Taurani Group of companies.

KHK Scaffolding & Formwork (KHK) was established in Jebel Ali in 1991 with a mere production capacity of 750 MT per month. Over the years, the company has seen a gigantic growth

With a manufacturing and production area of 51,000 square meters, and a workforce of 800 employees and equipped with the state of art machinery, the company manufactures approximately 50,000 tones of scaffolding annually.

The company is supported by its own design department, which is responsible for designing different application of scaffolding and also in designing new products. The design department is supported by well qualified staff.

KHK Scaffolding & Formwork LLC is an ISO 9001-9002 accredited company, a universally accepted quality assurance designation, indicating professionalism, capability and commitment to customer service.

Our Team

With over 12 years of experience, our workforce of over 800 employees are dedicated and friendly make us proud of who we are. With their support, we are able to produce 50,000 tons of scaffolding each year. We operate by a single motto... People are our most important resource... "Let us work together to construct a building relationship."

Our Corporate Philosophy

  • To supply quality at best possible price and achieve total customer satisfaction.
  • Constant monitoring of our strengths and weaknesses.
  • Keep abreast of diversifying markets.
  • Persistent research in design and technology for improvement and expansion of product line.
  • Training

Our accomplishment is through our commitment to forming a partnership with our customers and employees in providing a higher standard of service.


Superbly located between the Americas and the Far East, Ajman is an ideal hub for the Global world trade. It has smooth access to four major parts in the United Arab Emirates. An extremely efficient international road network connects Ajman to neighboring countries and beyond to Europe. Together it all adds up to an unrivalled land and sea transportation network for getting our goods to markets worldwide.

KHK benefits from a number of advantages, including cheap energy, an economical wage structure, easy access to a skilled work force, and support by the local government, work class infrastructure. Further the company also supported by our group concerns, Ducast Factory LLC and Universal Tubes which supplies castings and Pipes respectively.

These advantages make it possible for us to offer our customers the most competitive prices while maintaining the highest standards in quality, delivery and services.

International Presence

KHK was launched to service the Gulf region. However its recognition of state-of-the-art quality, design, service, and competitive prices exposed it to global markets making us today the fastest growing exporter and distributor of industrial and construction products in 28 countries worldwide with a majority market share in the Gulf Region, United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, and Australia.

Servicing the global sectors for the past several years has familiarized us with international quality parameters in different geographical markets.

Our distribution offices are located in the Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia to ensure our products are always within easy reach of our customers.