As part of the development of a strong bond between TAURANI HOLDINGS and the well-revered nation of Saudi Arabia, KHK Scaffolding and Formwork LLC has made substantial inroads into its vibrant market, when the company  collaborated with other TAURANI HOLDINGS companies to market and showcase their unique and interesting scaffolding and formwork systems and components at the Saudi BIG FIVE industrial exhibition that transpired for a three-day period between 18th and 21st February this year at the Riyadh Front Exhibition and Conference Center.

The magnanimous event offered a range of opportunities to KHK, from receiving and communicating with a surplus of visitors to forming strategic partnerships for exploring the market better whilst responding to unprecedented amounts of business enquiries from visitors.

On the long list of economic milestones, this is BIG FIVE’s 11th edition of an exhibition of such a prestigious nature, and it is imperative to note that nearly 820 high profile industry players contributed their share to the event with enthusiasm and dedication never seen before. Because of the aim to consolidate the presence in the $1.6 trillion Saudi Arabian market, the KHK scaffolding and formwork power pack intend to improve their digital marketing impact, their stocking efficiency and sales team characteristics.