KHK 5 days employees’ engagement program

We at KHK Scaffolding and Formwork LLC, a family of over 400 members, firmly believe that our main asset is our human capital, a belief that drove us to founding KEEP (KHK Employee’s Engagement Program) two years ago. We have organized many programs under this unique initiative to foster and secure a positive work environment for every single individual serving in this strong, creative and dedicated community.

There are many factors that continuously affect the mental balance and physical abilities of every employee, which include (but are not limited to) work demands, job quality, job design, job roles, workload, working hours, autonomy, desire for involvement, personality shifts and unsettled views   about their team leader.

Though it is too early to measure the immediate impact of this newly introduced initiative on our valuable employees, things seem to be looking sunny side up as they begin to showcase and maintain pro-social behavior in the workplace, and a newly-ingrained drive to improvise every step of the way.

As a part of the KHK Employees’ Engagement Program, the KHK management had strategically set up a five-day program between 15th and 21st of March 2023, in which four key aspects highlighted with the help of two renowned wellbeing experts, Dr. Sunil Waghand  Dr. Nijhara Wagh.

These key aspects are security through teamwork, lifestyle development, problem solving and pros and cons of long-distance parenting. Offering wellness benefits and providing a conducive work culture will greatly improve levels of motivation, productivity and team spirit, which would lead to collective success in the long run, so our esteemed guests had stressed on numerous factors that affect physical capabilities of a workforce during their time with the members of the company, which include conflict resolution, safety procedures, equipment handling, employee assistance, personal responsibility, risk assessments and mental health problems, enhancing their awareness on how to be more adept in maintaining their work-life balance no matter the circumstance.